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Follow The Instructions

posted Nov 5, 2014, 8:22 AM by Beautiful Zion

 Society has a difficult time following the simplest of instructions found on our household products, road signs, and church.  Instructions are directions, orders, or recommended rules for guidance.  One major reason we fail to follow instructions is because we do not like being told what to do, or we have a better way of doing it.  That is why we get in trouble and have extra parts left over from assembling a piece of equipment.  God’s Word is our instruction for life; we are not our own, so we need some guidance in our day to day walk.

The story of Naaman is a classic example of a man full of pride who did not want to follow the instructions.  He was the Commander of the Syrian army who had favor in the King’s eye sight, but he had the disease call leprosy.  When told how he could be healed by dipping in the Jordan seven times, he was angry and refused to do so. He thought there were other rivers cleaner. Naaman was upset because the prophet Elisha did not come out to greet him personally but sent a messenger to deliver the word.  He also had a predetermined idea on how he should be healed.  Naaman had some issues in following the simple instruction of dipping in the Jordan seven times in order to be healed.  It took his own servant speaking to him about following the directions to receive healing.

We are in the construction phase of our Christian journey, some assembly is required to complete the journey, and following instructions is a must.  Do not try to figure out God and how He is going to do things. “His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways”. God has it under control! He knows what He is doing and we only need to follow the instructions. Following instructions will make our lives much easier!