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posted Aug 18, 2011, 5:22 PM by Beautiful Zion

Dysfunctional is an adjective describing abnormal actions.  Wherever there is conflict, misbehavior, abuse of all kinds on the part of family and church members you will find the devil at work.  Jesus came down through forty-two generations and everybody in His lineage was imperfect and had issues.  Jesus was the only perfect one because He was the Son of God.  Take a good look at our family, what is it that is causing dysfunctional behavior within the family.  The only answer is sin.  Just because we attend church, our families are not exempt from dysfunctional behavior.  Isaac was a God man but his family was dysfunctional.  The devil does not respect the sanctity of family he comes to kill, steal, and destroy.  The Christian family is a prime target, because he wants to make an example of the Christian home. 

Our families need prayer more than ever, put them on the altar and leave them there.  We need more than grandmother praying, it is going to take the entire family “praying without ceasing.”   Jesus is the only one who is able and willing to fix all our problems.  “Cast all your cares upon him for He cares for you.”

Lord heal the family.