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posted Mar 14, 2012, 6:24 AM by Beautiful Zion

Every situation we find ourselves apart of is because of decisions we made whether good, bad, or indifferent.  The decisions made by the Hebrew men in the fiery furnace were to serve the only true and living God.  Regardless of the outcome, they knew God could deliver even if He decided not to.  When we come face to face with our fiery furnace or on the banks of our red sea, and enslaved by the cares of the world in our Egypt, know that God has never failed and will show up when we think all hope is gone.   It is time to get serious about our deliverance.  “Whatever we are going through is usually a choice we made and not a condition and has very little to do with an outside source.”  Before we can get a handle on things, we find ourselves overwhelmed.

          Deliverance requires a commitment to faith to believe God can deliver.  Then we must be steadfast in our deliverance vowing not to return from whence we came.  If you are tired of being miserable, depressed, oppressed, low self-esteem, sick, and body racking with pain, your mind playing tricks on you or anything not like Christ, then today is your day to be delivered.  Have faith in God, for all things are possible if you only believe.  Walk in your deliverance by faith!  When God delivers, it is fully complete. He never does anything halfway.