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posted Mar 19, 2014, 5:52 AM by Beautiful Zion

The seven churches of Revelation are a direct reflection of the church today; understanding individually we are the church.  Jesus had to address the Angels of the church (the pastors) about the condition of the church that needed some attention.  Ephesus – sound doctrine but love deficient; Smyrna – poor but had the favor of God; Pergamos - compromising and tolerating evil; Thyatira- corrupt and entertained false prophets; Sardis – lacking evidence of life; Philadelphia – weak faith but holding on; and Laodicea – lukewarm, neither hot or cold.   Which church are you?  You might be a combination of several churches. So here we are standing at the cross of a major decision, and the question is still which church am I?  Will you be honest with yourself and God to admit I need to make some changes?  Seven times Jesus said hear what the spirit is saying to the church; the message is plain that we need to get our act together.  Regardless of the church one may identify with; Jesus is standing at the door knocking and speaking, waiting for us the church to open the door so He can fellowship with us.  In order for the universal church to receive the lost, the individual church must set the example for the lost to follow.  No church is a perfect church, but that is not an excuse to be unfaithful.  We all have some work to do and trying to do it without Christ will prove impossible.   

Which church will you strive to be?  Will it be the church of the living God where excellence is the standard not the goal; the church where we serve and worship God in the spirit of excellence?  A church that God can say well done my good and faithful servant.