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posted Dec 5, 2011, 8:02 PM by Beautiful Zion

So many people are turned off by church and religion by Christians behaving badly.  As Christians we are being observed on a daily bases.  We are supposed to be setting an example but sometimes you cannot tell the save from the unsaved because of our demeanor.  There are a large number of people professing being a Christian but their lifestyle is saying something entirely different.  What is a Christian?  One who is a follower of Christ, and takes on the attributes and characteristics of Christ, one who has accepted Him as Lord and Savior of their life.

Many misbehaving Christians are driving non-believers away from Jesus instead of leading them to Jesus.  They discouraged babes in Christ and embarrass those who are trying to live right.  What we see are mean, judgmental, arrogant Christians who have controlling attitudes, and a lying spirit.  Many of these people are in church Sunday after Sunday and refuse to allow the Word to change their life.  Just because we attend church doesn’t mean we are Christians.  The time is now “To love each other without hypocrisy, cling to what is good, be kind and affectionate toward one another.”  It is time to behave like Christians and let people see the God in us.  It is time to become awesome ambassadors of God.  You never know, someone might give their life to Christ because they saw Jesus in you.