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Brief Church History

In August 1902 a plot of land known as Griffin Quarters was purchased for $10.00.  Reverend Thomas Sharrock, Sr., Deacon Walter Sharrock, Deacon J. T. Harris, and Deacon John P. Bazemore with a vision, determination, and most importantly faith took a one room place and incorporated it into a sanctuary for worship.  In 1929 after twenty-seven (27) years of residing in Griffin Quarters the church moved to Highway 308, also known as Governors Road.  The land was purchased from T. N. Peele for $150.00.  The trustees in charge of this land transaction were William Sharrock, Roland Faison, and George Sharrock.  In the late 1950’s, around the year 1957, a new cinder block church was built and the old one (1)-room house was demolished.  The blocks used for the church were purchased from Rocky Mount Concrete for 22 cents a block.

Beautiful Zion Missionary Baptist Church had the privilege of the following pastors:  Reverend Thomas Sharrock, Sr. (founder); Reverend Sessom of Harrellsville, North Carolina; Reverend Smith of Cofield, North Carolina; Reverend Tom Sharpe; Reverend Bryant of Goldsboro, North Carolina; Reverend Owens of Columbia, North Carolina; Reverend Kenny Grant of Lasker, North Carolina; Reverend Charlie Sharpe of Cofield, North Carolina; Reverend Jenkins of Suffolk, Virginia; Reverend Franklin Lee of Aulander, North Carolina .   

In 1964, the late Reverend James R. Wiggins of Ahoskie, North Carolina was installed as pastor.  Under Reverend Wiggins’ leadership Beautiful Zion began to change and the congregation grew.  Services were held on second Sundays.  For thirty-two (32) years Reverend Wiggins was the pastor of Beautiful Zion until he retired in the year of 1996.

During the year of 1996 without a Pastor, Beautiful Zion members voted to extend services from one Sunday a month to two Sundays a month (second and fourth).   In June of 1997 Reverend Eugene D. Harris, Sr., became the Interim Pastor of Beautiful Zion Missionary Baptist Church and was officially installed as Pastor January 04, 1998.  Shortly after, God gave the pastor and the members another vision to build a new sanctuary.  In Spring of 1999 the church began to build, on March 26, 2000 the vision became a reality as they marched from the old structure to the new sanctuary singing, “We’re Marching Up to Zion”. Reverend Harris later resigned as Pastor of Beautiful Zion Missionary Baptist Church in June 2007.

The Lord was so gracious and kind to the people of Beautiful Zion, He sent the Elder Darryl A. Edwards, who began ministering to God’s people April, 2008.  During this time Minister Bell was ordained November 16, 2008.  For nine months Elder Edwards continued preaching the Word of God and was officially installed as pastor January 4, 2009.  On April 10, 2010, Evangelist Delores Williams was licensed to the Gospel Ministry. In June 2011, Beautiful Zion applauded unto the Lord blessings of being debt free on the mortgage.  January 1, 2012, Elder Wynee Edwards was appointed by the church body to become Beautiful Zion’s first in history Assistant Pastor.  June 2014, Beautiful Zion broke ground for building a new Fellowship Center.  In December 2014, God showed favor to His people as we dedicated a new 3,100 square footage Fellowship Center that accommodates 150 seating, two (2) classrooms, kitchen, men and women's restroom and a pastor's study.

The current officers – Deacons:  General Faison and Willie Frank Johnson (Co-Chairman), John O. Bazemore, Ralph Clark, Larry Overton and Deacon Raleigh Cherry, Emeritus.  Trustees:  Minerva Moore and Larry Overton (Co-Chairman), Annie Smith, Michelle Johnson-Bazemore, Wiley Milton, and General Faison, (Treasurer).